Correction: “Ventures Platform Changes Leadership as Founder and Executive Director, Kola Aina Steps Down”

The Founder and Executive Director of Ventures Platform Foundation, Kola Aina, has stepped down from his role in the company.

In our post on Thursday, we stated that the Founder and Executive Director of Ventures Platform has stepped down completely from his role. This was however a mistake on our part.

As said on Thursday, the Ventures Platform Hub consists of three distinct organisations: the Ventures Platform Foundation, Ventures Park (the co-working business), and the Ventures Platform fund, through which it has invested in noteworthy startups like Tizeti, Paystack and PiggyVest.

So, in truth, Kola Aina has stepped down from his role as the Executive Director of the Ventures Platform Foundation, which is the arm of the company that fosters skill development and entrepreneurship in Africa. Now, Mr Kola Aina will move to the company board and will continue leading the Ventures Platform Fund’s investment in African startups.

Speaking on this, Mr Kola Aina said, “Over the the course of 3+ years, Ventures Platform has morphed into 3 entities under the “umbrella”; Ventures Platform Hub, and today we have made some leadership changes effective 1 August, 2019.”

He went on to explain, saying, “At Ventures Platform Foundation — where we are working to build the future of Africa through skills, innovation and entrepreneurship — Mimshach Obioha is the new Executive Director. He will provide focused leadership to the amazing teams that work with our partners to implement various programs based on our theory of change.

At Ventures Park — where we create enabling environments for entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers — Nkechi Oguchi is the new CEO. She will drive and expand upon the mission of creating enabling communities for the builders of Africa’s future.”

He concluded, saying, “At Ventures Platform Fund — where we provide capital and support for early-stage startups — I will continue to lead our investment efforts and look forward to spending more time discovering bold founders building the future of the continent.”