Top 4 Young CEOs in Nigeria and their Crazy Ideas

What crazy idea could make an individual under age-30 become one of the most recognized CEO in Nigeria, and also appear on Forbes list? Has this thought ever run through your mind?

Nigeria is home to powerful, strong and some of the most diligent people in the world. It boasts of CEO and entrepreneurs who have already being featured on Forbes entrepreneurs’ list and other rankings before the age of 40.

What do all these individuals have in common?
These individuals all had a crazy idea that they were determined to see succeed. They offer business solutions, impact on dynamic sectors, and inspire both old and young generations around the world.

Here is a list of some of these individuals who are excelling and making Nigeria proud as they own their lane.

  1. Evans Akanno (age, 29)

Evans Akanno, aged 29, is listed under the technology sector of the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 list. In 2015, Akanno launched his idea to nurture talents and help brands make smart impressions, called Cregital.

It is a tech and creative agency that specializes in web development and design, digital marketing, branding, videography and photography, applications and software building as well as graphics design. Today, Cregital has been able to make noteworthy achievements in the tech and creative space in Nigeria.

  1. Ijeoma Balogun (age, 29)

Ijeoma Balogun is listed under the Business section of the Forbes list. How did this happen? She started her career at the age of 18 as a contributor to BellaNaija, one of Nigeria’s top entertainment website, and she had a “crazy” idea to start her own PR firm at a young age.

Now, she is the founder and CEO of Redrick PR, a boutique public and media relations agency specialising in developing, creating and executing strategic and innovative PR campaigns for Lifestyle, Retail and Corporate brands.

  1. Fred Oyetayo (25)

Another giant in the technology space, Fred Oyetayo is the founder and CEO of Fresible. Besides appearing in the technology sector of the 2019 Forbes list, Fred has also been named to SME 100 Africa’s 25 Under 25.

His idea “Fresible” was launched in 2008 as a creative digital innovation agency which specializes in accelerating change within organizations through technology. He translated his creative experience in building and shaping brands into a company that is making waves today.

  1. Silas Adekunle (age 26)

Known for his passion for robotics, Silas Adekunle is the first technology entrepreneur to invent an intelligent gaming robot. In November 2018, he was named to the Financial Times’ list of the “Top 100 minority ethnic leaders in technology”. This preceded his naming under the technology sector of the 2019 Forbes list.

He is the co-founder of Reach Robotics, an augmented reality gaming company focused on creating robots for gaming and STEM education.