Lagos 2019 Tech Events – CYBERCHAIN 2019: Cyber Security and Blockchain Conference

The Cyber Security and Blockchain Conference is to be held on the 31st of August, at the RedCarpet Hall, Oniru VI, Lagos. The starting time is 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM West African Time.

Are you interested in a revealing, thought provoking and disruptive conference on the ecosystems of blockchain and cybersecurity? If Yes, then this is a must-attend tech event.

Organized by Vaultbridge, this conference this year has been upgraded to CyberChain, in order to accommodate enthusiasts and experts in both ecosystems from all over the world.

VaultBridge is a software security company in Lekki,Lagos with a focus on Fintech, as well as, advocacy, awareness and adoption drive for cybersecurity and blockchain solutions. The company has strategic industry partners from abroad and here in Nigeria, including KipYa Connect, BIT2BIG, and the EC-Council.

There will be 400 delegates, 6 panelists and twelve speakers at the conference. The speakers include;

  • Ade Atobatele – Digital Globalization Evangelist and Founder at Gboza Gbosa Technology Ltd – Nigeria
  • Adedayo Adebajo – Country Rep. (Nigeria), Jelurida (Switzerland)
  • Linus Kingdom – Country Rep. (Nigeria), Dominium – Netherlands
  • Chuta Chimezie – Founder at Blockchain Nigerian User Group, Regional Director Africa at Paxful Inc. – Nigeria
  • Ojuederie Doris – Coordinator at, CEO at DRICHWORLD COINPROS LTD Nigeria
  • Fabrice Alomo – Tech Applied Expert, Forbes 30 Under 30, Founder/CEO Hehfit Cameroon
  • Michael Kiberu – C|EH, OCA, OCP Terrada, CEO Kipya Group
  • Sam Liban – Energy and Blockchain Evangelist, Founder of The Sun Protocol Germany.

The blockchain technology and cyber security awareness and adoption is still low in Nigeria, and Africa as a whole. Vaultbridge is committed in bridging the gap with various training modules, workshops, seminars, conferences and exhibitions. According to the company, “Anybody that is serious about Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology must be at this Conference”

There will be free tokens (cryptocurrencies) and other valuable stuffs from some of Vaultbridge’s sponsors and partners.

Participants will have first-hand experience of various Cybersecurity concepts, applications and solutions as well as exposure to multiple Blockchain developments and use cases.  You will also learn about blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. You can register now.