Google for Nigeria 2019: Google Announcement of New Products, Features and Other Programs for the Nigerian Market

Yesterday at the third annual Google for Nigeria event, Google announced new products and features that can make it more impactful to people in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Did you miss the Google for Nigeria event? Here are the highlights of the top announcements of the day.

Better Navigation Maps

As the millions of motorcycles in Nigeria move differently from cars, Google announced the introduction of a dedicated travel mode that will provide navigation and directions for motorcycles in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, Uganda, Togo and Rwanda. Navigation instructions will also be launched in a Nigerian voice for both car driving and motorcycle modes, so that local places and names can be pronounced as they ought to. For Lagos, Google plans to introduce an optimized directions experience into Google Maps that considers Danfo routes.

Even more, Google is making it easy to explore locations in Nigeria by publishing a better panoramic imagery on Street View. This imagery includes Lagos, Benin City, Abuja, Ibadan and Enugu, and about 12,000 km of roads have been added.

An Offline Photo Gallery: Gallery Go

Though there is a greater proportion of Nigerians with camera phones, not all have access to high-speed, reliable cloud backup or Internet to locate a photo quickly. The deign of the new Gallery Go enables individuals without reliable internet connection to find, manage and edit their photos even while offline. The app organizes photos automatically and enhances the appearance of snaps with simple editing tools. The app is only 10MB, keeping user’s phone light and fast.

Enjoy the Best of the Internet: Google Go

Google announced some useful updates to Google Go. It now has the Discover Feed integrated within it such that users can stay current with information on their specific interests. From next week, you can now directly access the Assistant from Google Go. There is also a new Nigerian voice for the Assistant.

Learning and Understanding Made Simple: Google Lens and Bolo

Google is launching the Lens within the Google Go to assist people in reading, translating and searching the words they see by just utilising their camera. This means you can open the Google Lens, direct it at a sign, and the words will be read out loud. Google also launched support for Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa, so you can translate what you hear into your language.

The Google Bolo is a speech-focused reading app that helps kids learn how to read in English. This will be available in Nigeria and Ghana. It improves reading capabilities by encouraging the kids to read aloud and subsequently providing them with individual, customized feedback