Glo Outperforms Other Nigerian Networks in Internet Subscription

Globacom, the digital transformation leader, has topped the charts in the latest Internet subscribers’ statistics released recently by the Nigerian Communications Commissions (NCC) for the month of June.

The month of June was generally a difficult one in the Nigerian telecommunications industry. The total number of Internet subscribers dropped by a high 332, 338, from the 122, 624, 417 recorded in May to 122, 292, 079 in June. The buffer against a total free fall came from Globacom and Airtel who recorded subscriber gains, even as the other operators recorded a loss.

MTN lost 178,103 subscribers, dropping from 52,433,020 subscribers in May to 52,254,917 in June, 9Mobile, the fourth largest telecommunications operator in Nigeria, lost 310,924 data subscribers, dropping from 9,350,477 in May to 9,039,553 in June.

On the other hand, Globacom gained a total of 198,816 subscribers, moving from 28,825,533 data subscribers in May to 29,022,349 in June. Airtel also gained a total of 42,510 Internet subscribers in this period.

This is not in total unsurprising as Globacom has proven to be a favourite among Internet subscribers over the years on account of its budget-friendly, customer-friendly data packages and the recent improvement in its internet connectivity.

Globacom is the first telecoms operator to launch a nationwide 4G in 2016, and since then, the millions of GLO subscribers have been able to enjoy efficient, instant broadband internet connectivity.