Farmcrowdy Announces Unification of Portfolio Companies

Farmcrowdy has announced its strategy to make itself larger and more established by unifying all its companies.

Farmcrowdy is the first digital agriculture platform in Nigeria. Currently, it is operational in 14 states across Nigeria and over 25,000 farmers has been signed into the company’s programs.

The company recently entered partnership agreements with Best Foods Livestock and Poultry Ltd, a Nigerian seafood and livestock processing industry, and Livestock247, an online livestock marketplace. The goal of these agreements is to grow the Farmcrowdy’s livestock chain.

Together with its affiliates – Farmgate Africa and Agricsquare, Farmcrowdy announced the unification of all its companies. The target is to present a united front with a stronger footing in the agriculture value chain. The new unified company will deal with the production and trade side of commodities as well as promoting media for all the processes of agriculture and core crop farming.

Farmcrowdy is the announced name for the unified company, and the available sponsorship options for both Farmcrowdy and Farmgate Africa will now be present on the new Farmcrowdy platform while Agricsquare will keep running as a product of Farmcrowdy.

The Managing Director of Farmgate Africa, Kenneth Obiajulu, will run the trading aspect of the new company, and the Chief Operations Officer for Farmcrowdy, Temitope Omotolani, will oversee the production side.

According to the Founder and CEO of Farmcrowdy, the unification is to attract more talent and significantly expand the reach of the company in the agriculture value chain.