Cowrywise Travel Stole Its Idea from WeMove Rally. Is This True?


In a recent Twitter thread, WeMove Rally accused Cowrywise of getting the inspiration for the newly announced Cowrywise Travel from Wemove. Could this be true?

Cowrywise is a secure Nigerian savings and investment platform. Founded in 2017, it is a digital wealth platform for African millennials that helps users to plan, save and invest securely to meet financial goals. The platform allows Nigerians to access mutual funds that invest in companies like Dangote Cement, Total Nigeria, GTBank, Nestle and other high-quality fixed income securities with just NGN100.

Recently, Cowrywise announced the Cowrywise Travel platform which allows users to pay for trips within the Cowrywise app. Users are only required to save daily, monthly or weekly by joining the Cowrywise trip cycle.

The company partnered with high-flying experience creators to launch the “first of its kind” which ensures that users can have their dream vacation. According to a company statement on Twitter on the 5th of August, “the launch of is in line with a core commitment – to help you invest with a goal in mind. Don’t just invest for investing sake, invest for something beautiful.”

However, on the same day Cowrywise Travel was announced, WeMove Rally tweeted saying that that it inspired the development of Cowrywise Travel. “I’m glad we were able to give them inspiration, but we dey come, we dey pursue money. Make the money land”, said  Celestocalculus, a software craftsman at

WeMove Technologies is a transport technology development company with a focus on product design to ease transportation in Africa. It currently runs an online vehicle hire portal,, where users can find and hire any vehicle they require in Nigeria.

The platform supports vehicle owners listing of their commercially viable vehicles to gain access to a wider niche of customers. The company services include truck hire, van hire, moving, removal, document translation, preview tour, orientation tour, car hire, bus hire and cab services.

In reply, a certain Black Jaguar, speaking for Cowrywise, explained how the plans for Cowrywise Travel has been in works since 2017.

I am quite impressed by the work you do. Given your past experiences, I can understand why you think you inspired this. Now, let me show how this idea evolved. 2017-Early 2018 We realized that a lot of people saved just for the purpose of saving. No solid goals. We decided to help them go further – save for goals. This was the reason we launched Life Goals. Vacation has always been a Life Goal plan on Cowrywise” he said.

He went on to explain the foundation of the travel page in 2017, attached a screenshot, and also explained how they got it to launch in 2019.

Speaking about WeMove Rally, he said that the operations are different from that of Cowrywise Travel.

He further proposed the possibility of a partnership with WeMove, saying, “Honestly, what we should be discussing is a partnership. We have a system that makes payment simpler at no cost to the operators. The more paying clients, the more bus operators need”.

Then, he refuted the claim of WeMove Rally as unsubstantial, and attached a link to a post that indicates that other people can also have a similar idea.

Yesterday, WeMove in reply, explained how it had initiated discussions with CowryWise and how a meeting was held early last year. “And we reached a gentleman’s agreement on what WeMove needed to do, to feed Cowrywise the tours which would be on the app”. He went on to say that he didn’t send an email because of his former relationships with the “bosses” at Cowrywise”.

He concluded by saying, “But I’ve told my people that we won’t make this mistake next time, no matter the relationship.”

A front-end developer, Ibukunoluwa Salau, in a comment on this Twitter thread, mentioned as performing the same operations as  WeMove Rally and Cowrywise Travel.