ARNERGY SOLAR Searches for More Partnerships

Are you interested in seeing Nigeria with 24 hours of electricity, powered by clean solar energy? If yes, then you should listen to the Arnergy’s clarion call for partners.

Yesterday, August 8, Arnergy tweeted saying, “We are looking for partners. At Arnergy, we are keen on spreading the benefits of solar energy across the board.”

ARNERGY is a Nigerian cleantech company that designs, manufactures and commoditises rent to own solar energy solutions. Its goal is to provide affordable and reliable solar energy solutions to businesses and homes.

With over five years’ experience in business and over 2000 paying customers, Arnergy has been delivering energy solutions for productive use all over Nigeria. It does this by deploying services, products and systems that power the operations of various businesses and improve the economy status of clients.

The company has reduced pollution and carbon emission in specific regions, and it is now recognized as a distributed utility that reduces the pressure on the national grid and allows the local grid to serve industrial zones.

Arnergy recognises that reliable supply of electricity is a major challenge for hospitals across Nigeria. Consequently, it has designed systems to solve power supply reliability issues for quality healthcare delivery. If you’ll love to partner with Arnergy to achieve this and other of its electricity-related goals, then you can apply here. Based on the company statement, application suitability is for,

  • individuals with B2B sales skills
  • individuals passionate about energy for reliability for small businesses
  • Skilled installers and engineering technicians who would love to join the fast-growing network of a distributed utility company
  • individuals who believe in the future of renewable energy to power reliability for small businesses.

Arnergy is reducing the energy poverty in Nigeria, and it is making small and medium-sized enterprises to operate profitably with flexible payment for energy services.