Ride-Hailing Platform, Gozem to Launch Digital Wallet Product and Delivery Services

The on-demand, ride-hailing startup Gozem which operates in Benin and Togo has recently revealed plans to launch a digital wallet and a food and parcel delivery service in 2020.

According to the Managing Director of Gozem, Emeka Ajene, the company is executing the first phase of its strategy, which will lead to the build of a robust ride-hailing business across two to three markets.

The Gozem strategy is an aggressive expansion plan with a product road-map that spans across the top sectors in Africa – transport, logistics payments, and even capital. The company is currently preparing for its second phase which includes the launch of its delivery services and digital wallet across all its markets.


About Gozem

The startup, Gozem, was founded by Emeka Ajena and the Singabore-based co-founder, Raphael Dana in 2018. Before co-founding Gozem, Ajene had led business development and operations for Uber Nigeria in 2016.

Gozem is registered in Singapore where it has been operating as a ride-hailing service that relies on auto-rickshaws, motorcycle-taxis and air-conditioned taxis. It only began operating in Benin last month after launching in Togo in 2018.

The plan of this startup is to achieve expansion to 10 other West and Central Africa countries over the next three years. These countries include Gabon, Ivory Coats, Nigeria, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Senegal.

Since its launch last year, Gozem founders have raised over $3 million in funding, and 800 drivers are registered to the platform. It is headquartered in Singapore because the greater percent of its founding teams are located there. The company aims to increase its drivers’ portfolio to 3,000 by the end of 2019, and to 300,000 by 2024. Currently, it has about 130,000 users.