Airtel Nigeria Rolls out Two 4G Smartphones

Airtel, Nigerian Telecommunications provider, has just announced the introduction of two new affordable smartphones – the Airtel Diva and Airtel Top Notch.

On Wednesday, 24 July 2019, Airtel announced these devices which testify of their commitment to accelerate the uptake of mobile Internet and also improve the data experience of telecoms consumers in Nigeria.

The Airtel Diva smartphone is retailing at N20,000 ($55) with the Airtel Top Notch at N23,000 ($65). Airtel says that these smartphones will allow consumer to enjoy the Airtel 4G experience at a much more affordable price.

Consumers who purchase either of these phones will benefit from the Airtel Double Data Offer, which provides a 100% bonus data on every bundle from N500 and above. On purchase of the Airtel smartphone, you can access this bonus data and connect to the Airtel 4G Network by inserting your Airtel SIM card, and texting the keyword “get” to Shortcode “141”

The Airtel Diva is designed with a 5-inch display screen, 5 MP back camera and 2 MP front camera, 8 GB + 1 GB storage capacity. It has a battery capacity of 2,000mAH (milliamps per hour) and runs on Android Go.

On the other hand, the Airtel Top Notch has a 5.5-inch display screen, 5MP back camera and 2 MP front camera, 8 GB + 1GB storage capacity. It has a battery capacity of 2500mAH and runs on Android Go.

Both devices are dual SIM smartphones, and only the Airtel Network can be inserted into the first SIM slot.

Speaking on the new smartphones, Dinesh Balsingh – the Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Nigeria, says,

“Airtel is committed in its drive to extending the 4G experience to more telecoms consumers as well as enriching the lives of more Nigerians. It is our hope that the Airtel Diva and Airtel Top Notch, both very affordable smartphones, will help crash the barrier of enjoying the 4G experience. We are committed to empowering more Nigerians as well as connecting more telecoms consumers to their dreams.”