Adebayo Adesanya: Senior Software Engineer and Slayer of Code Dragons

Top software develops are moving out of Nigeria en masse in search of greener pastures abroad, and the Lagos-born Adebayo Adesanya is an ideal example of a great loss to the Nigerian tech ecosystem. Adebayo Adesanya went from working with Andela in Lagos to joining the tech team of Candis, a Berlin-based firm that automates accounting processes.

The Lagos-born Adebayo Adesanya acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information System from Covenant University, and he started his professional career as an Intern, Airtel KYC Support Personnel for Seamfix Nigeria. He later moved on to other companies including Grappeline Technologies, L5Lab, Kamdora and Konga, before landing as the Technical Team Lead in Andela in 2017.

However, Adebayo’s motivation for leaving the country was never for more money as he always had a marginal increase in pay. According to him, “I love challenges. Its plethora of possibilities interlaced with solutions makes it seem like a clandestine code, which has to be deciphered. That is why I became a Software Developer and that is what makes me curious about life and my career”

But, “there are no rewards for long service,” he said. So, while he had never been one of the abroad fanatics, he began to seriously consider relocating. He had offers from prominent tech companies in Nigeria, but he didn’t think any of them could fulfil his career needs, and he was of the opinion that he had seen all that the companies had to offer, and a gig outside the country would expose him to new experiences.

Currently, Adebayo works at as a Senior Software Engineer, an opportunity he got after signing up on the job platform, Honeypot, where companies in Europe hire developers regularly. Though he got two good offers from German companies, he opted for, because, as he says, “The product was both interesting and challenging, and the team seemed like a great one to join.”

At Candis, he works on a team of full-stack software engineers in maintaining and innovating on the Candis Financial Accounting Platform in other to provide easy to use Automated Accounting for small and medium-sized companies, and every day, he “slay new dragons.”

He works in a diverse team with people from across the world. Despite this, he is still the only black person out of the 70 employees working at Candis. According to him, he jokes about being the odd man out, saying, “I joke at work that I don’t have to do anything to stand out. I stand out by default.