Stanbic IBTC Welcomes Students Back to School with New Educational Payment Products







A new school year started this month, and Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC, a member of Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC, has introduced a suite of user-friendly educational payment products that will relive parents and guardians of the burden of school fees.
The question now is, how do these educational payment solutions work?

Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC is a Nigerian financial institution with eight subsidiaries and an estimated staff strength of 5,000 Nigerians. Furthermore, 80% of the Stanbic IBTC board members are Nigerian.

With this Nigerian-based perspective, the bank recognises the cultural nuances in Nigeria, and has thus specifically modelled these products to be a relief.

The first of the solutions is the EZ cash loan/advance. Parents and wards who are strapped for cash at the point when school fees payment are due, can take advantage of the EZ cash loan, which gives access to loans, in less than a minute, to pre-approved customers.

If you are a salary earner, you can take advantage of Salary Advance (SALAD), another of the bank’s short-term loans that is quick and easy to get.

Another of Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC’s educational products is an international money transfer solution for payment of school fees and allowances abroad.

Added to that are prepaid cards which can be preloaded with pocket money for children/wards, while the credit cards, which currently offer a 55-day interest moratorium, can be used to seamlessly pay school fees.

Dr. Demola Sogunle, the Chief Executive, Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC, said that the bank has a high-importance view of learning, and in accordance with this, it develops solutions that parents and guardians can take advantage of to ensure that their wards get the desired level of education.

He identified a deep understanding of Nigeria and developing tailor-made solutions as factors that distinguishes Stanbic IBTC Bank as a leading Nigerian financial institution.

Speaking on this, he said, “We are a Nigerian bank and we realise that whilst parents and guardians may have desired levels of education for their children, funding may be a deterrent in the pursuit of these dreams. We have hence developed these products which will ease the burden of school fees payment while also providing satisfaction to the parents and guardians that their wards are getting good education.

He added that the bank’s loan products offer fast, simple and convenient ways by which customers can meet their short term financial obligations to educate their wards, with very convenient repayment terms.

Other benefits of the school fees loans are: access to a revolving line of credit, flexible repayment terms, and the opportunity to access credit up to 100% of the customer’s income.

With schools resuming for a new term, the school fees loans will help to alleviate the financial burden parents and guardians may face in paying school fees. He further stated that the conditions for accessing the loan products are having a salary account with the bank; or having  investments with any of the Stanbic IBTC group subsidiaries.

Loan applicants can walk into any branch of the bank and apply for any of the education loans in a few easy steps. The application is then processed and the customer is contacted with feedback.



What is New in Gokada Following the Relaunch

Gokada, the pioneer motorbike hailing service in Nigeria, resumed its operations in Lagos, after going on a two-week suspension. The company went on a break on August 14, 2019, following the CEO, Fahim Saleh’s poor experience on a bike, which opened his eyes to the need to improve safety standards and skills of the firm.

Now, the question on the minds of Lagosians is, has anything truly changed in Gokada’s operations?

According to the company, in the two weeks it spent on break, it has upskilled existing and newly engaged drivers called GPilots in advanced knowledge of defensive driving behaviours for enhanced safety, GPS navigation, and optimised customer delivery.

These riders graduated from their training on Monday, August 26, 2019, and they resumed operations on Tuesday, August 27.

Here are some of the things that have changed about Gokada’s operations

Better-Equipped Drivers and New Motorcycles

As the CEO promised, Gokada has introduced new motorcycles  and better-equipped drivers who have received extensive training in safe driving standards, GPS navigation, and customer service.

There is a unique code printed boldly on each new bike and helmet, and a Gokada rider claims that it helps customers commend, report, or give general feedback about the rider. However, currently, it is still difficult to get the services of a GPilot, as only a few bikes are operational on Lagos roads.

Bluetooth Helmets

Besides upgrading the skills of riders and acquiring unique TVS motorbikes, the brand has also fitted its drivers with Bluetooth enabled helmets allowing for better seamless communication and navigation experience.

The GPilots were trained on how to effectively use Google Maps for navigation, and the Bluetooth helmets allows them to make calls without having to look at their phones and also use the voice feature of Google Maps for bike navigation.

Speaking on this, Saleh said that the company has always prided itself on setting the standard in the market for safety and service.

“Hairnets, DOT-certified helmets, extensive training – these are all reasons safety on our bikes have been so consistent and how we were able to convince many to give this new-age bike taxi a shot … We took the risk to pause for a moment and improve on that template to provide our customers with exceptional service at scale.”

Ayodeji Adewunmi, the Co-Chief Executive Officer of the company, stated that Gokada 2.0 is all about unflinching commitment to customers, ensuring that now is an excellent time to use the Gokada services. He also said that Gokada would be surprising several of its users with gifts, and one lucky passenger will be receiving an iPhone X.

However, some recent users have complained that they still experienced inaccuracies with the arrival time of the rider, and that some GPilots are not paying strict attention to the Google Maps for navigation.













AYOBA – The MTN’s Newly Launched Messaging App

Ayoba is an instant messaging app launched by one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Africa – MTN.

MTN decision to compete with WhatsApp and Telegram, the prominent chat messengers in Nigeria and worldwide, made them create an instant messaging app called “Ayoba” which has the same interface as its rivals. The company first revealed its plans to launch the app in March 2019 at its financial results presentation for the last year.

Named after a campaign by MTN in South Africa to commemorate the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Ayoba is a free instant messaging app, designed by Africans for Africans.

The name is a South African Slang, which means something “okay”, “cool”, or “all right”, further indicating that African users are the target of the app. What’s more, the app enables English, and seven African languages – Pidgin (Cameroon), Swahili, Cote d’Ivoire, Ganda, Julu, Zulu, Xhosa, and Francais.

The app is designed with incorporated sophisticated end-to-end encryption to keep users’ data safe and ensure their privacy, guaranteeing that the messages in a conversation can’t be read by anyone else even the team at Ayoba.

Similar to WhatsApp., you only need to register with your phone number to access your contacts. Immediately you sign up with your phone number, you can sync all your contacts easily without needing to create a new address book.

As one of the app’s users, you can communicate with anyone with a mobile device, even those without the app – this is one of the greatest feature of the app known as the SMS integration.

When you use this feature, messages will be delivered as texts, and if there are files or images attached, the message will include links to view them in your browser. While on the app, you can join channels like Facebook for trending news updates.

To make calls to your contacts, you simply need to click on the contact and the app will redirect your phone call application or Truecaller, based on the call app installed on your phone. You should note that charges for each call are deducted from your airtime. Whether or not you are an MTN subscriber, data is needed to send and receive messages, video files, audio files, documents and images to your contact.

Currently, the Ayoba app is only available for users in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, South Arica and Cameroon, but according to the website, plans are in place to expand to other countries across Africa.

OPPO Launches Two New Smartphones after the F11 Pro

Oppo is seriously staking its claim in the Nigerian smartphone market as it launches two new smartphones four months after it entered the market official with the F11 Pro.

Global smartphone firm, OPPO Mobile officially announced its presence in Nigeria with the launch of its flagship devices, the OPPO F11 Pro and the OPPO F11 Pro Avengers limited edition. This event held at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos on Friday 26th April 2019. The F11 device, after being described as “that device that shoots portrait pictures just like a DSLR camera”, recorded a roaring success in Nigeria.”

Capitalising on the success of this flagship device, the Oppo brand recently released two new smartphones – the Oppo A55 and Oppo A1K in Nigeria. Globally, these two smartphones were released originally in April 2019 and May 2019 respectively.

Oppo claims that the two new smartphones are more budget-friendly that the popular F11 Pro. The Oppo A1k is said to feature a 4,000 mAh battery, a waterdrop screen, and is sold at NGN 44,900.On the other hand, the Oppo A5s is sold at NGN53,900 for a 3GB + 32GB variant, while its 4GB + 64GB counterpart is for NGN69,900. The Oppo A5s has a 4,230 mAh battery, and a waterdrop 6.2 inch screen.

Joseph Adeola, the Public Relations Manager for Oppo Nigeria, said these two devices have been optimised for functionality and price. Speaking on this, he said, “A lot of people want to use the Oppo brand, but we are not able to afford it. So, we did some market research and affordably packaged it in what we call practical technology

Just like other major brands such as Samsung, Infinix and Tecno, the OPPO brand has a ranking system which the release of these two A-series devices flouts. In the conventional system, the Reno and Find Series come first followed by the R-series, F-series, K-series, and then the A-series.

So, Nigerian users are left to wonder why Oppo skipped a line in the introduction of the A-series smartphones into the Nigerian market after the F-series.

To satisfy this curiosity, Akinola said, “Based on our global strategy, some devices perform well in new markets than others. Research went into this decision to serve products that meets the needs and expectations of Nigerians. With time, the others will come”.

As Oppo is a new player in the Nigerian smartphone market, users have expressed concern over the after-sales service. Regarding this, Akinola promised that the company is working towards establishing more outlets across Nigeria.









Airtel Nigeria Rolls out Two 4G Smartphones

Airtel, Nigerian Telecommunications provider, has just announced the introduction of two new affordable smartphones – the Airtel Diva and Airtel Top Notch.

On Wednesday, 24 July 2019, Airtel announced these devices which testify of their commitment to accelerate the uptake of mobile Internet and also improve the data experience of telecoms consumers in Nigeria.

The Airtel Diva smartphone is retailing at N20,000 ($55) with the Airtel Top Notch at N23,000 ($65). Airtel says that these smartphones will allow consumer to enjoy the Airtel 4G experience at a much more affordable price.

Consumers who purchase either of these phones will benefit from the Airtel Double Data Offer, which provides a 100% bonus data on every bundle from N500 and above. On purchase of the Airtel smartphone, you can access this bonus data and connect to the Airtel 4G Network by inserting your Airtel SIM card, and texting the keyword “get” to Shortcode “141”

The Airtel Diva is designed with a 5-inch display screen, 5 MP back camera and 2 MP front camera, 8 GB + 1 GB storage capacity. It has a battery capacity of 2,000mAH (milliamps per hour) and runs on Android Go.

On the other hand, the Airtel Top Notch has a 5.5-inch display screen, 5MP back camera and 2 MP front camera, 8 GB + 1GB storage capacity. It has a battery capacity of 2500mAH and runs on Android Go.

Both devices are dual SIM smartphones, and only the Airtel Network can be inserted into the first SIM slot.

Speaking on the new smartphones, Dinesh Balsingh – the Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Nigeria, says,

“Airtel is committed in its drive to extending the 4G experience to more telecoms consumers as well as enriching the lives of more Nigerians. It is our hope that the Airtel Diva and Airtel Top Notch, both very affordable smartphones, will help crash the barrier of enjoying the 4G experience. We are committed to empowering more Nigerians as well as connecting more telecoms consumers to their dreams.”

The New HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019: A smartphone that offers it all for a budget-friendly price

The Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 with its panoramic viewing experience, auto pop-up selfie camera, 4000mAh and other topnotch features is the latest tech trend today.

Huawei Y9 Prime 2019, labelled as the “pop-up camera smartphone king with a reasonable-level price” has finally landed in Nigeria! The phone is powerful and trendy, and it packs stunning innovations that are usually found in top-rated devices.

One of the top features of this 6.59” Huawei smartphone is its ultra fullview/ display which is free of sliders, holes or notches, providing a seamless viewing experience. This design is eye-catching and is ideal for users who want only a full screen can have an experience like no other as they watch movies, play games, or browse through apps on the phone

Huawei implemented an incredible selfie camera that pops up. As the bezel-less design is free of all notches, the front camera is placed at the top of the phone. It activates automatically when a user is posed for a selfie.

On the device’s back camera, there are three different cameras. The 16 MP + 8 MP cameras help users to capture images with high contrast, clarity and top quality. Meanwhile, there is a 2 MP camera that works together with the 16 MP camera to provide users with pictures that boast of a lifelike field depth.

With the big 4000mAh battery on this devices, outstanding performance is guaranteed as users can stream videos and play games for a long period without worrying about charger breaks or a dead battery.

Nigerians can now take better shots with Auto Pop-up camera and its FullView display for only N83,900. Starting from today, the Y9 Prime 2019 now retails in all Huawei Experience stores and other retailers nationwide. launches to provide one stop site for all developer jobs in Nigeria.

We received a press release today, from We have been following the growth of tech and developers in the country and thought this is a welcome development.

We estimate that close to 50 thousand new developers will join the labour market by mid-2019 and a job discovery platform is just a way to go!

Full Press Release Below

Introducing; One stop location for all tech jobs

Today, 12th July 2018, a Lagos, Nigeria based startup as launched! The goal of the site is to aggregate and disseminate developer jobs in Nigeria.

Why DevJobs

Since last year, we have witnessed a massive increase in young people learning how to code, attending tech meetups and also sharing their success stories. However, countless companies still find it hard hiring developers. Comes Devjobs, our goal is to help companies find developers out there and also help developers find interesting jobs in the country.

How it works

For companies, all you have to do is to sign up on the site, and post jobs easily. The site is launch with job posting for free but plans to charge a token for every job posted. The verified jobs will be sent daily to developers email and they can click to apply. The company has the freedom to review, shortlist and invite qualified candidates for an interview.

For developers, after sign up, they are required to set up their profile which contains their skill-set, work experience and upload their CV. Once they find an open that matches their skills, they are free to apply for the job. When a developer is accepted by a company, he gets an email for a follow-up interview to complete the hiring process.

To get started, log on to and enjoy the benefit this brings.

Nigerian lending startup has introduced a fixed investment account that offers a 15.5% annual return

The Fintech Start-up Paylater,  recently launched a new feature on its app as a part of its services called Payvest.

Payvest allows users invest their money with the company and provides the flexibility, convenience, security and stability that every investor needs while offering one of the best interest rates of 15.5% per annum.With a two-year experience in providing loans and other services, the company realized that “sometimes, you also need to plan well into the future and better control your financial flows by putting away money.”

This interest rate by PayVest is quite large and asides being above the inflation rate, is also above those offered by commercial banks and digital savings platform whose minimal rate are 6% and 10% respectively. It is why the company rightly believes that users would not find anything (legal) that matches PayVest’s return on investment. Your investment in PayVest can range from ₦50,000 to ₦10 million .

Although several investment options already exist in Nigeria, most do not offer reasonable returns. Beyond brick-and-mortar businesses, most investments either have high entry requirements or offer paltry returns. For instance, since 2017, investments in treasury bills have been restricted to investors with funds above N50m while savings deposited at banks have historically never offered reasonable returns.

PayVest allows users to set up as many as five short and long-term investment plans. It also allows investments ranging from N50 thousand to N10 million.

Interestingly too, the feature offers no hidden charges. There are no fees to set up an investment account or to maintain one.

While it started out as a loan service, has added quite a number of new features recently. The app now supports airtime recharging, funds transfer, and utility bills payment.

With PayVest, ultimately transforms from a simple loan service app to a full-blown financial services app. Now, this transition is not entirely surprising and as it must have been quite easy for the service.

Read more about Payvest on Paylater’s blog here

Agritech Incubation Program

FCMB in partnership with Wennovation Hub is set to host the 2018 Agritech incubation program. The incubation program is set out to guide early-stage entrepreneurs to test and validate their ideas as well as gather their first set of customers or pivot if need be. This will be achieved through a combination of financial support, guidance and training.


  • Up to ₦2.25 million will be given to the top two selected startups.
  • Unrestricted access to the fully serviced workspace.
  • Intangibles (company registration, audit services, developer toolkit etc) worth $10k 4. Access to our local & international networks
  • 6 months mentorship with one on one mentor-mentee pairing.
  • Access to market by leveraging Wennovation Hub’s existing community.


  • Competence of team
  • The viability of idea Innovation
  • Market and Scalability
  • Registered companies would be an advantage.
  • Female-led teams would also be given a considerable advantage.

How to Apply

Application deadline is 20th of June 2018. Visit the link to register.

 Jos-based innovation space, nHub, has launched an outsourcing service to offer up-skilled young developers remote work opportunities.

 nHub are a technology innovation hub that provides a wide range of Tech Inclined products and services, as well as incubation and acceleration programmes focused on innovation, job creation, social impact, skill acquisition and youth engagements.

nHub are a technology innovation hub that provides a wide range of Tech Inclined products and services, as well as incubation and acceleration programmes focused on innovation, job creation, social impact, skill acquisition and youth engagements.
nHub are a technology innovation hub

They also help Start-ups scale their businesses, bring innovative services to the market and reach new customers through our connections.  work span from conceiving ideas, trainings, incubation, collaboration and creation of services.

nHub Nigeria co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Daser David said the hub had launched with the intention of building tech products for the markets of Lagos and Abuja, as well as other major cities in Nigeria and Africa.

“That aim, however, has evolved, with nHub having spent the last three years upskilling youths in software development, and looking for a way to ensure these young people use their skills locally rather than leaving for bigger cities.”

“We thought that would be robbing the state of these talents. Also, because we want these trained youths to be mentors to upcoming youths, sending them out is not going to sustain the ecosystem,” David said.

“Our best bet is to offer them on remote placements, knowing that we would still have them to inspire the next cohorts. So we took this option. This year alone we have received calls on a daily basis for their services.”

This outsourcing service has now been formally launched, with nHub establishing a new office for developers working on remote jobs.

David said the service was part of nHub’s strategy for becoming sustainable. It currently has 32 remote developers working for companies within and outside of Nigeria.