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About Us

VentureHunt is a collective of rebels who are passionate about Africa and its future. We are concerned that as the future of African tech is being written, we are getting lost in the buzz, grams and the fanfare. We want to help filter the signals from the noise around. Our goal is to help current and future entrepreneurs understand what really matter in tech, build products the market want and make sense of the trends that keep coming on daily.

We have background in tech startup, financial advisory, business analysis and engineering. We believe putting the word out without bias or “bro” will help ordinary people who are interested in making impact gain entrance into the market without being overwhelmed by general perception in the market.

From time to time, we will publish reports that we believe will help you make better decisions, sell better and become profitable.

If you have a tip for us, shoot us an email: info@venturehunt.co